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1.小型日光燈中的汞含量不得超過5毫克/燈;(2002/95/EC)  Mercury in compact fluorescent lamps not exceeding 5 mg per lamp. 

2.一般用途的直立日光燈中的汞含量不得超過: (2002/95/EC)  

- 鹵化磷酸鹽(Halophosphate)< 10毫克  
- 正常的三磷酸鹽(Triphosphate with normal lifetime)< 5毫克 
- 長效的三磷酸鹽(Triphosphate with long lifetime)< 8毫克  

Mercury in straight fluorescent lamps for general purposes not exceeding: 

·  Halophosphate 10 mg; 
·  Triphosphate with normal lifetime 5 mg; 
·  Triphosphate with long lifetime 8 mg. 

3.特殊用途的直式日光燈中的汞含量;(2002/95/EC)  Mercury in straight fluorescent lamps for special purposes. 

4.本附錄中未特別提及的其它照明燈中的汞含量; (2002/95/EC)  Mercury in other lamps not specifically mentioned in this Annex. 

5.陰極射線管(cathode ray tubes)、電子部件(electronic components)和發光管(fluorescent tubes)的玻璃內的鉛含量;(2002/95/EC)  Lead in glass of cathode ray tubes, electronic components and fluorescent tubes. 


Lead as an alloying element in: 

·  Steel containing up to 0.35 % lead by weight; 
·  Aluminium containing up to 0.4 % lead by weight;
·  Copper alloy containing up to 4 % lead by weight. 


--用于服務器(servers),存儲器(storage)和存儲陣列(storage array systems)和交換、信號產生和傳輸,以及電信網絡管理的網絡基礎設施設備(network infrastructure equipment for switching, signalling, transmission as well as network management for telecommunications)中焊料中的鉛;(2005/747/EC)  


·  Lead in high melting temperature type solders (i.e. lead-based alloys containing 85 % by weight or more lead). 
·  Lead in solders for servers, storage and storage array systems, network infrastructure equipment for switching, signaling, transmission as well as network management for telecommunication. 
·  Lead in electronic ceramic parts (e.g. piezoelectronic devices). 

8.電氣連接的觸點(electrical contacts)中鎘及鎘化合物的使用不限,以及91/338/EEC指令禁止以外的鎘鍍層中的鎘;(2005/747/EC) Cadmium and its compounds in electrical contacts and cadmium plating except for applications banned under Directive 91/338/EEC amending Directive76/769/EEC relating to restrictions on the marketing and use of certain dangerous substances and preparations. 

9.在吸收式電冰箱中作為碳鋼冷卻系統防腐劑的六價鉻。(2002/95/EC)  Hexavalent chromium as an anti-corrosion of the carbon steel cooling system in absorption refrigerators. 

9a.聚合物(Polymeric)中十溴二苯醚的應用。(2005/717/EC) DecaBDE in polymeric applications.
9b.用于鉛青銅軸承外殼(lead-bronze bearing shells and bushes)的鉛;(2005/717/EC) Lead in lead-bronze bearing shells and bushes. 

11、順應針聯接系統(compliant pin connector systems)中使用的鉛;(2005/747/EC) Lead used in compliant pin connector systems. 

12、熱導項槍釘模組(thermal conduction module c-ring)涂層中所用的鉛;(2005/747/EC) Lead as a coating material for the thermal conduction module c-ring. 

13、光學玻璃及濾光玻璃(optical and filter glass)中所用的鉛;(2005/747/EC)  Lead and cadmium in optical and filter glass. 

14、微處理器針腳及封裝聯接所使用的含有80-85%鉛的復合(含有超過兩種組分)焊料中的鉛;(2005/747/EC) Lead in solders consisting of more than two elements for the connection between the pins and the package of microprocessors with a lead content of more than 80%and less than 85% by weight. 

15、倒裝芯片封裝中半導體芯片及載體之間形成可靠聯接所用焊料中的鉛;(2005/747/EC) Lead in solders to complete a viable electrical connection between semiconductor die and carrier within integrated circuit Flip Chip packages. 

16.直立式的鎢絲燈,若其燈管含有硅酸鹽涂布,則可含鉛;(2006/310/EC) Lead in linear incandescent lamps with silicate coated tubes. 

17.鹵化鉛作為發光源,并用于專業探照用途的HID燈中,則可含鉛;(2006/310/EC)  Lead halide as radiant agent in High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps used for professional reprography application. 

18.若鉛作為觸發源而包含于熒光粉中(鉛含量1wt%或更少),且此熒光粉是用于含有如BSP(BaSi205:Pb)等磷光劑的太陽燈(sun tanning lamps)的放電燈管中,或者此熒光粉是用于含有如SMS((Sr,Ba)2MgSi207:Pb)等磷光劑的特殊燈,這些特殊燈的用途包括用于含二氮化合物的電子翻印、平板印刷、補蟲燈、光化學或醫療療程等等,則可含鉛;(2006/310/EC) Lead as activator in the fluorescent powder (1% lead by weight or less) of discharge
 lamps when used as sum tanning lamps containing phosphors such as BSP (BaSi2O5:Pb)as well as when used  as speciality lamps for diazo-printing reprography, lithography, insect traps, photochemical and curing processes containing phosphors such as SMS ((Sr,Ba)2MgSi2O7:Pb). 

19.鉛作為汞齊(即汞合金)中的特定成分,如PbBiSn-Hg或PbInSn-Hg中,且此汞齊作為主要汞齊,或如PbSn-Hg用于輔助汞齊中,且這些汞齊使用于節能燈泡(ESL)中,則可含鉛;(2006/310/EC) Lead with PbBiSn-Hg and PbInSn-Hg in specific compositions as main amalgam and with PbSn-Hg as auxiliary amalgam in very compact Energy Saving Lamps (ESL). 

20. LCD中用于保護平面熒光燈(flat fluorescent lamps)的前后支撐物的玻璃中可含氧化鉛。(2006/310/EC) Lead oxide in glass used for bonding front and rear substrates of flat fluorescent lamps used for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). 

21. 用在硼硅酸鹽玻璃表面瓷釉上的印刷油墨中的鉛及鎘。(2006/691/EC)  Lead and cadmium in printing inks for the application of enamels on borosilicate glass. 

22.在光纖通訊系統中的稀土鐵石榴石法拉第旋轉器中的雜質鉛。(2006/691/EC)  Lead as impurity in RIG (rare earth iron garnet) Faraday rotators used for fibre optic communications systems. 

23.小螺距零部件表面處理中的鉛(螺距不超過0.65mm且帶鎳鐵邊框的連接器,以及螺距不超過0.65mm且帶銅邊框的連接器不在豁免范圍之內)。(2006/691/EC) Lead in finishes of fine pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65 mm or less with NiFe lead frames and lead in finishes of fine pitch components other than connectors with a pitch of 0.65 mm or less with copper lead-frames. 

24. 通孔盤狀及平面陳列陶瓷多層電容器的焊料所含的鉛。(2006/691/EC) Lead in solders for the soldering to machined through hole discoidal and planar arrayceramic multilayer capacitors. 

25. 等離子顯示屏(PDP)及表面傳導式電子發射顯示器(SED)構件中所用的氧化鉛,比較典型的例子:玻璃前后絕緣層中的氧化鉛、總鉛電極中的氧化鉛、黑條(彩色顯像管)中的氧化鉛、地址電極中的氧化鉛、阻擋層肋柱中的氧化鉛、密封玻璃料中的氧化鉛,以及封裝玻璃中的氧化鉛、環狀玻璃中的氧化鉛、印墨中的氧化鉛。(2006/691/EC) Lead oxide in plasma display panels (PDP) and surface conduction electron emitter displays (SED) used in structural elements; notably in the front and rear glass dielectric layer, the bus electrode, the black stripe, the address electrode, the barrier ribs, the seal frit and frit ring as well as in print pastes. 

26.藍黑燈管(BLB)玻璃封裝中的氧化鉛。(2006/691/EC) Lead oxide in the glass envelope of Black Light Blue (BLB) lamps. 

27. 用作高性能揚聲器(用在長時間操作125分貝以上的音響系統)的傳感器中焊料的鉛合金。(2006/691/EC) designated to operate for several hours at acoustic power levels of 125 dB SPL and above) loudspeakers. 

28. 用于防腐或屏蔽電磁干擾,用在特定儀器設備中(歐盟指令2002/96/EC第三類規定的IT和通訊設備)的金屬片或金屬扣件上的防腐涂層中的六價鉻。這項豁免將于2007年7月1日停止。(2006/692/EC) Hexavalent chromium in corrosion preventive coatings of unpainted metal sheetingsand fasteners used for corrosion protection and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding in equipment falling under category three of Directive 2002/96EC )  (IT and telecommunications equipment).Exemption granted until 1 July 2007. 

29. 水晶玻璃中鉛含量的限定依照歐盟指令69/493/EEC附件I(第1、2、3、4類)。(2006/690/EC)  Lead bound in crystal glass as defined in Annex I (Categories1, 2, 3, and 4) of Council Directive 69/496/EEC